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    1. 熱門關鍵詞:

      My company's main products are certified by the EU CE quality, our products are exported to Europe and the United States, Asia, Africa and other places by domestic and foreign customers of all ages.
      • 光明乳業
      • 克莉絲汀
      • 雨潤集團
      • 林錦記食品
      • 高露潔
      • 西安開米
      • 上海家化
      • 東方之寶
      • 衛康
      • 潤邦藥業
      • 寶龍
      • 正大集團
      • 恒安集團
      • 新華美
      • 吉仕紙業
      • 橘林文具
      • 力天彩印
      • 界龍集團
      • 富士施樂
      • 飛利浦
      • 慕斯達
      • 金冠龍海
      • 金麒麟
      • 正大天晴
      • 河南能源化工集團銀鴿投資

      Shanghai Tao Shan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd

      The company has always been committed to the packaging technology innovation, to provide efficient, safe, energy saving, practical packaging equipment as the goal. Companies adhere to the rigorous scientific attitude, high-quality products, pragmatic work, good service, for users to bring more perfect packaging results. The company has been committed to "technology, services and human integration", uphold the "credibility first" principle. And will be more unremitting efforts, in exchange for more customers love, and sincerely hope that all users more support and help.
      Tao Shan forever theme - quality industrial services business philosophy: integrity and pragmatic, customer first, quality first
      Management thinking: people + system + execution + innovation
      Entrepreneurial spirit: [the pursuit of excellence, never give up] [solid, excellence] [customer-oriented, Innovation and Innovation] [team cooperation, capable and efficient]
      Employer concept: five, five do not reuse
      Five principles: 1. good character of the person 2. with the strong execution of the people 3. with the team-based people 4. with good at learning people 5. with the courage to take responsibility
      Five do not have the principle: 1. Do not reuse those who are not familiar with the business 2. Do not reuse those who do not do small things 3. Do not reuse those who do not obey the overall situation 4. Do not reuse people do not cultivate subordinates 5. Do not reuse those who do not change
      Technology concept: innovation to lead the market, the strength to ensure quality
      Quality concept: quality is the dignity of enterprises
      Marketing idea: camp in thinking, sold in action, grasp the market opportunities
      Cost concept: the pursuit of optimal cost
      Cost concept: the pursuit of optimal system cost
      Service concept: sincere service, focus on creativity, full of enthusiasm, grasp the details, empathy, interpretation of customers.
      Adhere to the concept of high quality service to professional, dedicated, honest and win customers respect.

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      Shanghai Taoshan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. All rights reserved



      Mobile phone:15900683150


      Address: Shanghai Fengxian District Zhelin Town, Shanghai and Hangzhou Highway 3238, Haiyan Electric Hospital, No. 9 plant